Manna Blog Introduction

The Manna Blog is a resource specifically for church pastors, planters and leaders. As Manna has taken root and drawn near to leaders throughout the Southland, we have noticed there is a void of resources that are Southern California specific. There is great material out there about the universal church, about leading and pastoring, about planting, about reaching our cities, about mercy and justice and the list goes on. We live in a world that has become so global with all kinds of incredible resources at our fingertips. Yet with all these resources that can at times even overwhelm, we as leaders in our churches can lose sight of where we are, who we are called to reach, and each of our communities that are so unique and special.

Just as Manna is focused on furthering Christ’s kingdom in Southern California, this blog is published with Southern California pastors, planters and leaders in mind. Using SoCal context, trends, experiences and communities as a lens, we look forward to sharing Gospel-centered content written by various local leaders that spurs on collaboration, growth, unity and good works.