2023 grant recipients

Chuck Henderson

Relevant Church IE / Fontana

Grant to adopt a school program in under served schools.
Ministry focuses on fathers and steam related activities for kids.

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Mike Larsen

Encounter Church / Bellflower

Grant for a  5 week summer day camp to help the neighborhood kids have a safe place to have fun, learn life skills, and learn about Jesus.

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Arman Davytan

Unique life, Burbank CA

Grant was for immigrants coming here from Ukraine and Russia for Asylum.
Helping them get settled and wanting the first people that serves them in this country to be Christ followers.

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Hector Saucedo

Journey Church, Fullerton

Grant for Project Sheepdog – A ministry targeted towards young boys to help them understand what it means to be a man of integrity and faith.

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Peter Watts

The R.O.C.K. Church LA

Grant for an after school program and equipping young
black men to be teachers in the inner city LA.

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Bobby Lopez

Passion Church Los Angeles

Grant for life skills programs in schools,
juvenile homes and foster homes.

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Eric Vasquez

Purpose Church Pomona CA

Grant for microsite churches, food and clothing distribution.

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Devin Deuell

The Commons LA

 Grant to plant a church in the UCLA neighborhood of Westwood to reach students that are dear to God, but far from Him. As a church they are passionate about loving on children that are orphaned or fostered.

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Pat Dirkse

City Church, Compton

Grant to install a turf field to hold their camps and
other activities for the community.

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Kurt Tuffendsam

People's Church, LA

Grant for their Motel Churches.
They setup shop at a motel where homeless families live and lead
church services in the Parking lot on the weekend.

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Tomas Ivens

Ethnos Community Church, Bellflower

Grant to help fund their ministry to help immigrants receive
health care, education, legal aid and counseling.

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